Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund

Organization name: Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund

Organization website:

Name: Talia Boyd

Email Address:

Location: P. O. Box 1606, Grants, NM 87305 USA

Affiliation: Non-governmental Organization

If other, please specify: 501c3

Interests: Water resources, wildlife, tribal interests, youth engagement, environmental justice

Bio:  I am the Western NM Program Director for Conservation Voters NM Education Fund (CVNMEF), I work in McKinley and Cibola Counties, including surrounding tribal communities. 

Our vision is for a New Mexico where decision-makers and public policies represent the conservation values of our people.

Our mission
Protecting our environment begins with the people of New Mexico.
Engaging the people of New Mexico in our long-standing shared values of protecting our air, land, water and the health of our communities. We do this by mobilizing people to advocate on policy, enhancing the voting process, encouraging people to vote, cultivating conservation leaders and amplifying the voices of those most affected.

Our organizing commitment
We are committed to creating long-term change by working with communities to address environmental issues impacting their health and quality of life. We do this by bringing community members together to work on policy solutions, providing skills-building trainings and resources, organizing public events and connecting activists with decision-makers.