The New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute is developing a statewide GIS database of completed and planned watershed treatments, and identifying state and federal forest and woodland projects for New Mexico. This involves the ongoing task of receiving data and working collaboratively with NM State Forestry, USDA-Forest Service, BLM, the State Land Office, NRCS, tribal agencies, private individuals, and others to build a comprehensive GIS spatial database. Pulling together such information from different agencies is aided by NMFWRI’s GIS capabilities and by its unique position as an active but neutral participant in statewide projects.

Participatory mapping tools such this have the capacity to increase and streamline collaboration among land management agencies, forest restoration businesses, and the wood products industry. If you have data to add to the statewide GIS database of watershed treatments, please contact NMFRI at (505) 426-2080.

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