Pre-Evacuation Notices Lifted on Bluewater and Diener Canyon Fires

As of April 15th, pre-evacuation notices for the residents of Bluewater Acres, Bluewater Village/Plano Colorado Estates and La Jara subdivisions have been lifted today. The evacuation center has been closed at Grants High School.

Despite the notice being lifted, residents in these communities should continue to have a plan in place should another pre-evacuation notice be necessary. While future evacuations are not anticipated, the fire remains active and high winds are predicted this week.

Residents should monitor the status of the fires and be thinking about what preparations they would need to take in case conditions change. Take the time now to devise a plan for how you will leave and where you will go if you are advised to evacuate. Make a list of what you would need to take with you during an evacuation. Remember the five Ps: prescriptions, papers, pets, people and personal needs.  Visit the Department of Homeland Security webpage for more information on preparing for an evacuation: